Cheryl Platz is an internationally renowned interaction designer, writer, public speaker, teacher, and actress based in the Seattle area. Her first book Design Beyond Devices is NOW AVAILABLE in print and digital at the Rosenfeld Media store and all worldwide Amazon sites (print availability varies). For excerpts, summaries, podcasts, and upcoming workshops, see the December 2020 Ideaplatz newsletter.


As a world-class interaction designer, Cheryl's professional passions include natural user interfaces, design for scale and complexity, system design, and storytelling for product design.

She is best known for her work on cutting-edge products including Amazon's Alexa, the Echo Look, Cortana, Windows Automotive, Disney's PhotoPass, the Sims series of games, and Microsoft's Azure platform.

During the day, Cheryl is a full-time Principal UX Designer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Cheryl is founder and owner of Ideaplatz, LLC, a design education company through which she offers her well-received interaction design talks and workshops at major conferences and companies around the world.

Recent highlights include Interaction 18, Amuse UX 2018, UX London 2018, DesignOps Summit 2018, UX Scotland 2019, and Design Matters 17.

Her experience in the performing arts makes Ms. Platz a uniquely engaging speaker. She is also an experienced improvisational theater teacher as part of the Unexpected Productions improv school faculty.


A veteran film, video, stage, and voice-over actress, Cheryl is best known for co-starring in multiple Twitch television shows representing hundreds of hours of live broadcast performances on Hyper RPG, GeekSpaceTV and her own Twitch channel.

Cheryl performs live improv professionally in Seattle as a 10-year member of the Unexpected Productions ensemble, and is also well-known for her many appearances with Seattle Experimental Theater.

To contact Cheryl regarding professional inquiries or public speaking opportunities, reach out on LinkedIn or email. For film, video, and voice-over work Cheryl is represented by MAM.