Cheryl Platz: Interaction Designer

Resume (PDF) | Downloadable Portfolio (PDF)

With over a decade of experience designing digital interactive experiences, I can adapt to any domain: from video games to server software, from fashion to automotive infotainment. My past employers include industry giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Disney, but also smaller studios including Griptonite Games and MAYA Design.

My particular passions are designing for constrained devices (like mobile, automotive, and handheld games), high complexity (large-scale server software), and multimodal natural interaction, including speech, touch, and gesture systems.

Unfortunately, my work for Amazon is still under NDA pending major product releases. Stay tuned for updates to my portfolio materials as my products are introduced.

My Design DNA

Fearless in the face of complexity.

There's an inner grace hiding within even the most complex problem. By going to the source of the complexity in the domains I cover, I am able to identify patterns and use those patterns to simplify the overall experience of the product.

Case Study: SCCM Information Architecture

Bias for action.

I love to get things done - acting as a field general, making the best decisions at the time without drowning in analysis paraylsis. Give me an undefined task and I'll give you a timeline and a set of deliverables. Give me a critical relationship with an external client or partner and I'll build an enduring relationship between our companies.

Case Study: Client Management Concept Car 2010

Empathy, storytelling, and conviction.

My extensive background as a professional actress, particularly my background in improvisation, has made me a gifted storyteller, uniquely equipped to take on the perspective of users in any domain. My storyboards in particular have been used all the way up to the CEO level to help communicate product vision, turning skeptics into partners. Plus: I’m fun at karaoke outings.

Firing on both hemispheres.

I thrive in both left and right-brained domains. Deeply technical with a Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction degree from Carnegie Mellon University, but also trained in traditional 2D art, visual design, 3D art and animation, and even stained glass art. This particularly helps me in my work on natural user interfaces, which are a combination of humanist design and systems design.

Cheryl Platz