Cheryl Platz Portfolio: Visual Design Examples

Web Design: Kirby Krackle Music (2010, Active)

Visit the Site: kirbykracklemusic.com

NOMINEE: Best Music Site (Seattle Weekly Web Awards 2011)

This project was a complete website overhaul and redesign timed to coincide with the launch of Kirby Krackle's second album in March 2010. The theme was heavily inspired by the album's cover art.

Their old site was a standard WordPress site with tons of small subpages, so a key goal was simplifying things while keeping the individual pages manageable. But perhaps more importantly, the focus of the website is now attracting new fans rather than simply reporting news. The interactive listening gadgets and social media links are in prime position in the upper left quadrant of the screen, while the large banner images are replaced with art from the album cover.

I created multiple comps and worked with the band to settle on this design. The entire site was coded by my hand in CSS, HTML, and simple Javascript. I also handled the digital editing of the cover art to adapt it for Web use.

Web Design: Laughing Tabby Photography (2010, Active)

Site Thumbnail

Visit the Site (laughingtabbyphotography.com)

I created the Laughing Tabby Photography website for a local business that had been relying solely on Facebook but needed more control over their Web presence. The business owner decided what photos should be featured as part of the site's design, and I handled layout and colors.

The LaughingTabby logo was also created as a part of this project, and is now used by the company in print materials as well.

The site's eventual goal is to allow purchasing prints online. Though their current budget did not allow for a shopping cart system, I did add an interactive JQuery photo gallery so that visitors could browse the company's portfolio.

Web & Brand Design: Scotch 'n' Soda Theatre

Graphic Design: Theatrical Publicity / Unexpected Productions

A poster used to promote the annual New Year's Eve show at Unexpected Productions. Created using Adobe Illustrator CS3.

View the poster [JPEG]

Graphic Design: Theatrical Publicity / Harvey

An original PR campaign created for Scotch 'n' Soda Theatre's production of "Harvey". I created the teaser, poster, and program. Created using Adobe Illustrator.

View the Harvey Teaser [PDF]

View the Harvey Poster [PDF]

View the Harvey Program [PDF]

Graphic Design: Typography

A collection of iterative exercises in print typography based on a poem by Tao Te Ching. Created with Adobe Illustrator.

View Part 1 [PDF]

View Part 2 [PDF]

Communication & Logo Design: IGNITE

As part of my tenure on the IGNITE Board of Directors, I revised their outdated logo system and updated most of their public communications. My freedom was limited by existing trademarks and copyrights on the previous logo, but I was able to streamline the typography, improve legibility, and adopt a more consistent color scheme.
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